Get ready for a weekend of adrenaline-fuelled racing as the 2024 IAME Euro Series kicks off in the sun-drenched circuit of Zuera! Nestled near Zaragoza, Spain, the renowned track promises high-speed action as over 210 drivers gear up for intense battles across the three X30 categories. The picturesque location, the track’s challenging layout, and the large participation set the stage for an unforgettable season opener that’s not to be missed!

Live Timing: Stay in the Racing Zone!

Track every lap and maneuver in real-time with our Live Timing, starting Thursday. Stay in the loop with every-lap updates on your favorite drivers’ performance: click here.

But that’s not all! We’re excited to bring the races to your screens with live streaming as always on Motorsports TV, YouTube, and Facebook throughout the weekend. It’s a front-row seat to every thrilling moment as the best in karting compete for victory!

Saturday Stream: Qualifying Heats Unleashed!

Get ready for a high-octane Saturday stream, where the excitement kicks off with Qualifying Heats. Witness intense battles and strategic moves as drivers vie for the top of the classification, setting the stage for the thrilling showdowns ahead.

Sunday Stream: Superheats to Glory!

Join us on the Sunday stream of racing action. All the Superheats and the Consolation Race to the heart-pounding Final Races, experience the drama, triumphs, and glory unfold as the drivers compete for victory on the track.


Embrace the Full Racing Experience!

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