Christian Horner voices his opinion on possible changes that can be done for F1 Monaco GP circuit, as Toto Wolff chimes in.

The F1 Monaco GP circuit has always been a difficult circuit to overtake at considering the tight sections, but with the current generation of cars only increasing in their size, it has made it more difficult for drivers to pass which means qualifying is of utmost importance.

More often than not, the drivers who start at a particular position, they remain their after Sunday evening with only incidents or severe tyre difference allowing drivers to pass their rivals. It was similar in this year’s race despite the rain hindrance.

In fact, the Top 3 ended up in the same position after rain but Horner believes there is no way that Monaco can be scrubbed of the calendar despite the known issues. “Yeah, but then it got quite exciting for the last 25 minutes but Monaco is Monaco, and it’s here because of its history, its uniqueness,” said Horner to media when asked about a relatively dull race.

“The problem we have is that the cars are so big now that all venues have to evolve a little. If there was just one areas we could create a bit of space for an overtake, it would just give that chance because there’s so much weight that’s placed on qualifying. The race is won and lost then. I think absolutely, it deserves a place on the calendar.

“It’s part of the history of Formula 1 and because of that, it earns its place and it’s the jewel in the crown in many respects. As the sport continues to evolve, nobody can stand still and Monaco is part of this,” summed up Horner. While saying that, the Red Bull reckoned that changes can be still made to the street circuit.

The purchase of new land could be seen as an opportunity as he pointed towards some changes at Turn 1 as one way to change things. “I’m sure with the creativeness that there is and the amount of land that they’re reclaiming here, there has got to be the opportunity to squeeze in a bigger braking zone,” said Horner.

“Maybe make Turn 1 a little sharper or slower, or maybe extend the circuit if there’s an opportunity to add another kilometre in that included a hairpin. That would be phenomenal. It’s something maybe to contemplate when you think of the next 20 years of Monaco. You don’t want to see it left behind.

“You’ve got to have half a chance in the race to make a move. If they could just find a way of maybe slowing Turn 1 or creating a little bit of circuit here, it would be absolutely phenomenal as I said,” summed up Horner.

The statement from the Red Bull chief was echoed by Mercedes’ Wolff who believes Monaco deserves a spot even with the lack of overtakes. “For Monaco, I mean we’ve had the rain that was good,” he said. “But it’s just a spectacle in itself.

“I think even if you were to see no overtakes like in 21 it’s still the most prestigious, glamorous and exciting track in the world and every year I come back it continues to amaze me and this year has been the biggest that I’ve ever seen in terms of audiences and traffic in the port you need almost need police management and traffic lights on the water. So it’s really good. I like it,” summed up Wolff.

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