Toto Wolff is not thrashing the Monaco GP marshals but reckoned they could have taken the stricken F1 car on truck rather than crane.

The post FP3 crane moment of Hamilton’s Mercedes irked team boss Wolff who joked it to be a Cirque du Soleil-like situation. He was referring to the Canadian company running one of the biggest circus programme headlining shows in Las Vegas.

Wolff felt the car could haven towed away in the truck considering the end of the session, but instead it allowed the world and most importantly the F1 team’s rivals to get a good look of the underside of the Mercedes and note everything about its floor.

“Well, whoever performed the crane has probably worked for Cirque du Soleil before,” joked Wolff to media. “I mean, honestly, that I don’t even comprehend. The car was on the road, you could have put it on it on a truck and rather that you’re showcasing the car to everyone in the world. That was sub-optimum for us, to say the least.'”

But Mercedes was not the only car to be craned off as both Ferrari and Red Bull also had their cars in the air after their separate incidents. Wolff was alerted about the same and the realisation came to him eventually that they were not the only ones.

“Checo’s car was also the same? You see, I didn’t see that,” said Wolff. “So they are all from Cirque du Soleil. Now I realise, their car hangs straight. Ours was rear down.” Having said that, the Austrian was quick to request that this was not a thrashing to the marshals.

“Don’t thrash the marshals,” added Wolff. “The Cirque du Soleil is okay but everybody’s doing the best and I think that I don’t want to be a team principal that lashes out on stewards that are doing their job. Still Cirque du Soleil.”


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