Christian Horner says it is important for the sport to have harmony among them amid the constant back and forth between F1 and the FIA.

The back and forth between F1 and FIA has been on for couple of years now. After the departure of Bernie Ecclestone, the current President Mohammed Ben Sulayem came under fire straight up due to the happenings in 2021 season.

He had to change mange things to smooth things out but the media trial continued on. Eventually Sulayem took a back seat in F1 matters earlier in the year which was termed as re-organisation with Nikolaz Tombasis taking over the day-to-day matter from FIA side.

Sulayem was present at various F1 events to present the winners’ medal but his role on F1 side lessened as noted above. But the media interaction didn’t tone down as he continued giving his opinions especially in the cost cap matter and the recent 11th team situation.

The cost cap scenario didn’t play well where the interim secretary Shaila-Ann Rao was not retained on permanent basis after speculation regarding passing of information to Mercedes, from where she had come to take on the FIA role.

Her departure wasn’t smooth as she levied allegations of sexism by Sulayem which the FIA had to turn down. He remained in the headlines on the F1 side still with the debate around 11th team on the grid, where the FIA is pressing for Andretti Cadillac to make it in.

But the F1 teams are not keen, while FOM is currently discussing the commercial aspect to finalise its entry. The public bickering between the FIA and F1 took another turn last week when the governing body released a statement of potential investigation.

It did not name anyone while talking about conflict involving a F1 team principal and a FOM employee. The media speculation linked it to Toto Wolff and Susie Wolff, who took offence and are in a legal dialogue with the FIA to ascertain transparency.

The happenings in Las Vegas only added to fans responding negatively which was followed by Wolff and Frederic Vasseur being called upon for their language in the FIA press conference. Even the Lewis Hamilton investigation in Qatar created confusion.

While FIA and F1 are supposed to work in tandem, the last few years has seen several differences out in public which is playing out on social media and polarisation is ever increasing. This affects the teams and potential sponsors along with the sport overall.

While noting it is not their business to look at, Red Bull’s Horner notes that there must be harmony as it is important to have that balance to not let off-track troubles affect on-track action. “That’s their business,” said Horner.

“We’re just a team. We race against a set of regulations and we get paid wherever we finish, and that’s the roles that the two functions perform. But obviously, it’s important for the sport for there to be harmony between the two organising bodies.”

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