TB Racing Team’s Hannes Janker is the new OK CIK-FIA European champion. The German driver had already won WSK Super Master Series in the first half of the year. Janker became champion despite his retirement in the Final, which was held in Essay (FRA), due to a multiple accident. KR Motorsport’s Dexter Patterson won the race.

A multiple accident got the Championship leader out of the race , Hannes Janker. By this way, CRG’s Pedro Hiltbrand -second in the standings- had the opportunity of winning the title. Despite starting 34th, the Spaniard climbed until 21th position.

In front of the group, Dexter Patterson got the leadership, followed by Ricky Flynn Motorsport’s Harry Thompson, KSM’s Nicklas Nielsen, Zanardi Racing Team’s Kas Haverkort and Birel ART Racing Team’s Luigi Coluccio. With the provisional second position in the race, Thompson also was second in the virtual standings of the championship, but with no option of becoming champion.

In the first laps, the top 5 obtained a gap between the rest, Coluccio overtook Haverkort and Hiltbrand was 19th.

After making some mistakes, Haverkort lost two positions, so he was 7th. The first battle he lost was against CRG’s Callum Bradshaw, and the second against Ricky Flynn Motorsport’s Zane Maloney.

10 laps before the end of the race, Haverkort and also Hiltbrand had to retire. So, the Spaniard driver lost definitely any option on being champion and second. Hannes Janker was European champion already.

In the last laps, Bradshaw, Coluccio and Maloney fighted to get the podium, which was kept by Nielsen. Finally, the Danish driver could finish 3rd ahead of Coluccio, Maloney and Bradshaw after defending his position from several attacks of his persecutors.