Lewis Hamilton says there’s plenty for him to achieve with F1 growing as a sport and reaching out to different avenues, but records is not one thing he is after.

For Hamilton, a lot wonder about what is left for him in F1 at all. His achievements are well documented, with most victories against his name and it goes with his seven titles which is a joint record with Michael Schumacher. Of course, he came within a lap in Abu Dhabi last year of winning title number eight and create history but not to be.

With so much already achieved, there’s not a lot of things he can topple but rather set a benchmark for others to beat. That is not the goal that Hamilton is after as the Brit talks more about the issues faced by people within the sport especially with lack of worldwide representation among personnel.

“I think there’s still plenty to achieve here personally, maybe not like that many records as such, but still a lot of ground to cover with the team,” said Hamilton to media. “And like the guys here I still deeply in love with the sport and particularly like the direction and things that we’re doing within the sport, the work that conversations that I get to have with Stefano”.

“But of course, there’s lots more outside that’s continuing to grow as well. So it’s exciting times I think. The future’s bright, I like to think,” summed up Hamilton. The future is bright and the Brit is not thinking about his personal victory, but also help others to achieve what they dream about i.e to make a living by working in motorsport industry.

Returning to the on-track topic, Hamilton is still chasing his first win of the year which could be a challenge because despite the improvements made by Mercedes over the last few races, they are still lacking that extra mile to topple Red Bull and Ferrari. So far, he has won each year since his 2007 debut season and he needs one win to maintain that record.

However, Hamilton notes that he is not chasing records. “Honestly, it had zero importance to me,” he said. “I’m grateful that each year, we have had, since 2007, an opportunity to win. I do believe that we’re going to have a chance this year, still got some races to go. And that’s definitely a real big goal for us as a team, to get back to the front and be fighting for the lead.

“I’ve not really thought of where our car… I have no idea where our car is going to be great. It was a surprise when we got in the car in Zandvoort, and the car felt so much better than it… like completely different to Spa weekend. But I’m hoping more often than not, it feels like Budapest and the last race for the rest of the races,” summed up Hamilton.

With a number of Grands Prix remaining, he definitely has a chance to keep that record intact and keep that streak going for the sixteenth season in a row. But is he focused on the record or is it just important to get that first win of 2022 ?.

“I’m not focused on the record but of course, I’m trying to get that win this year,” said Hamilton. “But the record is not important to me. Just because I don’t really care about records in general, so.”

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