Simone Resta and Guenther Steiner talk about the current relation between Haas and Ferrari and how it works under the F1 2022 regulations.

For the new season, there will be a sharing of material once more as it has been between Haas and Ferrari since the inception of the team. In short, once more the Italian manufacturer will be suppliers of its engine and gearbox along with FIA-prescribed parts.

For Haas, it is a great bonus as the smallest team need all manner of assistance. The 2022 season of course sees new rules and regulations which have been well documented and as a result the American outfit have less access to Ferrari items as opposed to previously.

Technical Director Resta who has almost 20 years experience with the Maranello concerns gives a more in-depth view of the situation from a sharing perspective between the two teams. The Italian noted that they will share as much what is laid down by the rules.

“From a supply parameter point of view, we try to maximise all opportunities with Ferrari and we are the smallest team on the grid, therefore it’s important for us to maximise those opportunities,” said Resta to media including

“The regulations have changed in a measurable way between this year and last year with the new components specification etc so actually you can purchase from Ferrari fewer things but yes in short we are trying to take everything possible within the regulations.”

A relationship of sorts which is ongoing and very helpful to Haas. Then again, there is a rules situation insofar as the relationship is governed by the FIA and the rules which are set out by them. Of course now a large number of Ferrari personnel are working for Haas thanks to the budget cap and of course Haas personnel are now based over in Maranello.

So, as we can see, a strong and fruitful partnership going on between the two constructors’. When asked how it works under new regulations, Steiner noted that the FIA knows the arrangements between the two F1 teams which also follows the Italian laws.

“The relationship I wouldn’t say has changed dramatically,” said Steiner to media including “We always had a good relationship, but it’s also regulated by the FIA rules, you can not do more just because we are now sitting in Maranello – that was convenient, there were offices available because of the budget cap coming in and Ferrari had planned already the buildings, so we took advantage of that there was office space available.

“And obviously we have 30-35 people from Ferrari that moved over to us because of the budget cap in F1, but the collaboration hasn’t changed for better or worse, it’s very much the same, it’s just that we’re sitting now inside Maranello with the last group of people.

“We always had people in the wind tunnel office because we have got two offices now in Maranello, one where the wind tunnel is, and one where the designers and the aerodynamicists sit under the week and for the wind tunnel session we always had an office for people to sit down and didn’t have to stand around in the wind tunnel,” summed up Steiner.

As per above, there are a large number of employees who have also switched allegiances to Haas from Ferrari. This is another area which has to be carefully handled from a discretionary point of view.

“They are seconded to us, the details of these contracts the FIA is aware that they need to be completely detached from Ferrari, but obviously employment laws in Italy are applied to this and we are following also the FIA rules, and when people move over there is a period where they can not work,” explained Steiner.

“It’s all regulated and everybody’s aware of it but people have got personal agreements with Ferrari and we cannot disclose them as much as we’d like to explain everything but they are private. Some people are Ferrari employees and some are not. I would say 70-30,” summed up Steiner.

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