Romain Grosjean has shared fresh image of his hand, one of which is still bandaged, as Red Bull junior Dennis Hauger switches to Prema in F3.

A month since the horrific crash in Bahrain, Grosjean has made sound progress with his burned hands. The right one is free of bandage with slight burnt marks, while the left is still under it, as the Frenchman notes that it will take some more time to heal.

A new image shared by Grosjean, though, shows few of the fingers of his left hand, which depicts the extent of damage he has had. The report from the incident is yet to be submitted as FIA President Jean Todt stated that every moment will be looked at closely.

The crash vindicated the addition of Halo and other safety equipment along with the human intervention, that of fire marshals and also the medical team, but there’s still more to be done, especially with regards to the barrier and also how the car caught fire.

“When you see that, you have a scary expectation,” said Todt. “With what you see on the TV, the car exploding and [going on] fire.  You don’t know what is going to happen, so of course after very long seconds, which seemed like hours, [when] you see a shape coming out of the car,  then you think ‘Okay, he’s surviving.’

“Unfortunately, and it’s something we discussed periodically through a special safety group, where we are engaging with the safety department, with the medical commission, and with safety at the top of the agenda with the aim being vision zero. Too often, and mainly in national championships, you have officials, and drivers who get killed and we want to stop that. Of course we speak a lot about Romain Grosjean, it was live, on TV and F1.

“Of course we feel relieved, but we need to understand also why the car was cut in two pieces, why the fuel tank exploded – all that we need to learn as we do after each accident – not only the accidents in global media, but every accident that happens in motor racing is studied to understand, and of course it yields results and that’s probably the best encouragement to always be more ambitious about what you want to achieve in safety. But if you see what has been done over the past decades by my predecessors, and by myself now, it’s very encouraging.”

Here’s photos from Romain Grosjean:

Dennis Hauger moves to Prema:

For his second year in F3, Red Bull junior Hauger will race for Prema, becoming the team’s second signing alongside Arthur Leclerc. The Norwegian made his debut in 2020 with Hitech GP, finishing only 17th with 14 points, which included a podium.

Hauger tested for Prema post the 2020 F3 season as he is the third confirmed driver for 2021, where HWA Racelab announced Matteo Nannini earlier in the month. “I am extremely happy to join Prema for 2021,” he said. “After spending some time with the team this autumn I very quickly felt at home.

“Their team spirit and the hard work they put into every little detail is something that I really enjoyed. I can’t wait to get back to Italy to work hard together on preparing next season.” At the same time, team boss Rene Rosin added:

“Dennis is one of the brightest and most promising talents in junior single-seaters,” he said. “We learned this by having him as a rival in F4, where he was a fierce and sportsmanlike competitor. Despite his young age, he showed promise in his maiden F3 season, and impressed in our first testing runs together. We look forward to welcoming him back on track, and we can’t wait to complete our line-up for the season ahead.”

Here’s Kevin Magnussen on Romain Grosjean

Here’s AJ Foyt on Romain Grosjean

Here’s scale model of Romain Grosjean’s crash