Luca Ghiotto found himself at the top of the podium in the crazy feature race in Monza with a wet track. Antonio Fuoco and Nobuharu Matsushita joined him on the podium.

Leclerc had a fantastic start and he was P4 in the first corner. Matsushita went down to P3 while Markelov made contact with De Vries in the first chicane. De Vries kept the lead, but Markelov lost several positions. Leclerc overtook Matsushita for P2 while Delétraz lost position with Merhi, Rowland and Ghiotto.

Merhi had a beautiful battle with Rowland which lasted several laps, but he ended up losing position and receiving a 5s penalty because he cut the chicane. Matsushita and him were also overtaken by Ghiotto. Fuoco overtook Delétraz after several laps behind him, and Latifi took advantage of this to overtake him too.

Leclerc pitted before De Vries, but he was unable to overtake him. Rowland was P3 after starting P13 when, after his pit stop, he lost one of his tyres. The Safety Car was deployed and at the restart Ghiotto overtook De Vries, who tried to get his position back. Then it was chaos: Ghiotto cut the chicane and De Vries lost traction, losing control of his car and making contact with Leclerc. They were both out of the race, leaving the win for Ghiotto. Fuoco was P2 and Matsushita managed to stay on P3. Latifi, Albon, Gelael, Merhi, Sette Câmara, Delétraz and Malja completed the top 10. However, Merhi had another 5s penalty and was demoted to P12. Markelov got the last point of the race.


1 Ghiotto 2 Fuoco 3 Matsushita 4 Latifi 5 Albon 6 Gelael 7 Sette Câmara 8 Delétraz 9 Malja 10 Markelov 11 King 12 Merhi 13 Jeffri 14 Nato 15 Boschung 16 Visoiu 17 Leclerc 18 De Vries OUT: Rowland, Ferrucci