Ford Motor Co has sent a second letter to Red Bull Racing, demanding quick resolution into the Christian Horner matter.

Ford Motor Co chief Jim Farley had wrote its first letter in recent times seeking information and understanding the situation with Horner into his alleged coercive behaviour against a female employee. They have since written a second letter with a demand.

As per Associated Press who have seen the second letter, Ford has demanded quick resolution into the Horner case which is yet to be resolved with the F1 2024 season round the corner. Its been 11 days since they requested for further information into the matter.

But Red Bull Racing and or Red Bull GmbH has not yet responded which is not sitting well with Ford. “As we have indicated previously, without satisfactory response, Ford’s values are non-negotiable,” Farley wrote in the letter. “It is imperative that our racing partners share and demonstrate a genuine commitment to those same values.

“My team and I are available at any time to discuss this matter. We remain insistent on, and hopeful, for a resolution we can all stand behind,” it stated, while noting that they are increasingly frustrated by lack of communication and transparency being a partner.

“We are likewise frustrated by the lack of full transparency surrounding this matter with us, your corporate partners, and look forward to receiving a complete account of all findings,” Farley added, while also demanding prompt and serious attention in the matter.

Horner has already had one sitting with an independent barrister to hear the case and also defend himself. He has since attended the Red Bull launch and also the three-day Bahrain Test, with him also gearing up to attend the first race at the same venue.

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