Former Ferrari F1 boss Mattia Binotto has been named Managing Director at TEXA S.p.A to spearhead its new E-Powertrain division.

Post the end of his gardening leave, former Ferrari F1 boss Binotto has got a new job after being named as the Managing Director at TEXA alongside founder Bruno Vianello, President and CEO Eugenio Razelli and Director Massimo Varaschin.

Binotto has been roped to spearhead its E-Powertrain division with the objective to design, produce and supply new automotive components linked to electrification of products such as engines, inverters, power units and other parts.

“Beyond the competitive experience that I have always had in my life, what attracted me to TEXA was the strategic audacity of its project to build Italian excellence characterized by the most advanced technologies new mobility,” said Binotto.

“In fact, TEXA intends to establish itself as the reference technological standard on a global level. And this thanks to the mobilization of huge investment resources and the attraction of the best talents to be concentrated in Italy, that is, where there is a formidable motoring culture to be preserved, renewed and now also relaunched.”

At the same time, Vianello added: “I am happy that a top manager like Mattia, who has gained extraordinary experience in the world of Formula 1, synonymous with very high technology and competitiveness, has chosen to enrich the TEXA team with his driving contribution.

“Together with the rest of the e-Powertrain division team, made up of young and enthusiastic engineers, we are aiming for intense development that will lead us to achieve important and significant results in the most valuable segment of the automotive market in just a few years. This is a niche in which large international groups have already entered.

“The competition and comparison with them will certainly be stimulating. I am convinced that TEXA will make a crucial contribution to the relaunch of the great Italian tradition in technology for sports cars that use the new electric traction, trusting that it can also become a vector for the entire automotive sector, in such a particular moment in our Nation.”

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