The FIA has shared that an e-vote will be taken on F1 2026 regulations – Sporting and Technical – after latest WMSC meet.

Ahead of the F1 Canadian GP weekend, the FIA shared the first look of how the 2026 car will look like under the revised Sporting and Technical Regulation. The key aspect was weight loss of 30 kgs and known enhanced electrification of the power unit.

The new factor which came about was the removal of the DRS system and addition of Manual Override Mode which was related to not just the power usage at straights and corners, but also the movable front and rear wing elements.

Active aero was another topic brought about along with the cars being potentially slow. It was a mixed response from all parties involved, where the weight loss was a big discussion point, with drivers and F1 team bosses not certain how it would be achieved.

The F1 team bosses met with Stefano Domenicali and FIA heads on Sunday of Canadian GP to discuss on the proposed regulation and what can be altered still and what aspects could be implemented straight up without the need of any debate.

At the ongoing FIA WMSC meet in Uzbekistan, the governing body noted about a pending e-vote on F1 2026 regulation which will be taken up in the coming weeks to make the changes official. It remains unclear if there will be further changes made.

“FIA President Mohammed Ben Sulayem reaffirmed the strategic partnership between the FIA and Commercial Rights Holder that is vital to the long-term prosperity of the sport,” said the note from the governing body. “Formula 1 President and CEO Stefano Domenicali also highlighted that there is a strong commitment to the entire single-seater pyramid that will involve greater investment in the grassroots of the sport moving forward.

“The World Council received a detailed presentation of the proposals for the 2026 Sporting and Technical Regulations, the broad principles of which were presented to the public during the recent FIA Formula 1 Canadian Grand Prix. Following this presentation, the World Council will undertake an e-vote on the proposals in the coming weeks.”

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