F1 drivers opine on deleting laps for rivals who cause a yellow or red flag during sessions, especially during qualifying which affects everyone.

This is an ongoing discussion about yellow or red flags posing a hindrance to the F1 drivers. The briefing has discussed the topic but no resolution has been found especially with regards to deletion of the quickest lap the driver holds.

While it is not hugely common, but there has been instances of deliberate situation created by some drivers which ruins laps of others but the one who crashed out has his lap completed. It is useful on street circuits and has happened a couple of times in Monaco.

The discussion is about all of the circuits certainly, but it is unclear if the FIA will make the change which the F1 drivers think should happen. Most are in favour of the best lap being deleted of the drivers who cause a yellow and or red flag.

Here’s what the F1 drivers had to say –

Carlos Sainz: “There have been very clear cases in street circuits where, between us drivers, we’ve spotted people on purpose generating red flags. The FIA hasn’t been maybe as convinced about them being on purpose, because as drivers we know what’s on purpose and what’s not. It’s always a topic around Monaco. I just hope that for the benefit of the show and the fair play and fair racing, we all go out there in Q1 and Q3, giving it all without taking unnecessary risks.”

Esteban Ocon: “I think, if I’m correct, that’s being looked at by the FIA. I think recently we’ve discussed that in some drivers’ meetings, that a situation where a driver would cause a red flag would be monitored. So I think that should be something sensible to be doing because we’ve seen in the past drivers causing issues and the others not being able to do a lap. Yeah, that should be something that the FA monitors, I think.”

George Russell: “Yeah, I agree with Esteban. We obviously have laps deleted all the time in qualifying for track limits. I think if you were to cause a yellow flag or red flag, you should probably have your best lap deleted. Yeah, nothing more to say about that.”

Max Verstappen: “I think it’s a good idea.”

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