F1 together with AWS has used Artificial Intelligence to innovate and produce the winning trophy that will presented in Canadian GP.

Since 2018, Formula 1 has partnered with AWS to harness the power of its data both on and off the track, having developed the next-generation F1 car which launched in 2022 and an enhanced viewing experience for fans through data-driven F1 Insights powered by AWS, which have become a key aspect of the broadcast production on a race weekend.

Now, as the partnership continues to push the boundaries of innovation, Formula 1 is set to introduce generative artificial intelligence (generative AI) through AWS tools, to drive creativity and solutions throughout the sport, as well as increasing operational efficiency.

As an example of that increased creativity, AWS, the Title Partner of this weekend’s FORMULA 1 AWS GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2024, will debut the first-ever generative AI inspired F1 trophy. AWS explored a range of traditional, elegant trophy designs and applied generative AI to conceive the perfect award.

The result is inspired by the research that went into the development of the 2022 F1 car, where AWS cloud technology was used to help formulate the car design, and represents an F1 car’s aerodynamic wake complete with details that celebrate the race’s home country including a maple leaf and Montreal’s St. Lawrence River. The trophy was crafted by a silversmith based in the UK, merging new technologies with the rich and elegant traditions of F1.

Formula 1 and AWS are also inviting fans to experience the power of generative AI first hand by designing their own trophy. Using the PartyRock F1 trophy generator, fans are encouraged to get creative for a chance to win a trip to a Grand Prix in the 2025 FIA Formula One World Championship. For more information on the competition, and the generative-AI trophy design process, visit here.

Looking ahead, the partnership will see the development of Statbot which will utilise the power of generative AI to effortlessly analyse historical data from the F1 archives to supply the broadcast production team with key facts and statistics quicker than ever before. It will feed the team with answers to specific questions that could include, “When was the last time a driver won their first F1 Grand Prix as a rookie?”, to which Statbot will give the answer: “Lewis Hamilton in 2007 at the Canadian Grand Prix”.

Information is currently researched manually in preparation for, and during, race weekends but with the Statbot tool the production team will be able to access relevant information significantly faster during the broadcast. F1 is also working with AWS to apply generative AI to the process of root cause analysis (RCA) to more efficiently identify and address the underlying cause of technological issues that occur off-track during races.

This tool will enable F1 to investigate system errors by asking questions of logged data using natural language, thereby enhancing F1’s ability to maintain peak operational performance during races, minimise downtime and ensure a seamless race for teams, drivers, and spectators.

Emily Prazer, Chief Commercial Officer, Formula 1 said: “For over six years, AWS has been an invaluable partner, revolutionising the use of data to enhance how we operate across the sport. Our worlds continue to merge as we look to game-changing technologies, like generative AI, to elevate both the on-track competition and off-track experience for fans.

“AWS’s commitment to innovation enables us to help push the sport forward and we’re excited to see the first-ever generative AI-inspired trophy on display in Canada this weekend and give fans the opportunity to showcase their love for F1 through the design of their own trophy.”

Neil Ralph, Principal Sports Industry Specialist, AWS said: “Formula 1 cars generate more than a million data points per second and that’s just the start. F1 captures additional data on the drivers, circuits, weather, and the amazing history of F1 itself. At the core of our partnership is the ability to extract valuable insights from all of this data.

“With AWS’s generative AI capabilities, F1 will elevate its storytelling as historic data is effortlessly analysed alongside real-time events to engage fans with more dynamic and timely commentary. Together, we are redefining the way the sport is watched, raced and managed.”

After internal reviews, the final design was selected for its stunning and unique aerodynamic design and signature airflow twist. The final trophy designs will be revealed publicly June 9, 2024 during the FORMULA 1 AWS GRAND PRIX DU CANADA 2024.


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