F1 team bosses weigh in on the situation with Guenther Steiner and his rant on the FIA stewards.

Haas’ Steiner found himself in hot waters again after he was pulled up by the FIA stewards for speaking against them when the Italian used certain words speaking to media in Spain. He was referring to the decision made against Nico Hulkenberg in Monaco.

The FIA media delegate referred that to the stewards and he was summoned during the Spanish GP weekend where he was reprimanded for one case and left off in other. The topic of stewards and the penalty consistency continues to be a point of debate.

The F1 team bosses remain diplomatic about the situation even though they have had decisions go against them. The FIA is keeping one same steward for multiple races at a stretch, but so far they haven’t done keeping the same set of people for long.

There is always the case of one being same for multiple races, but not all. Selected F1 team bosses had their say where only AlphaTauri’s Franz Tost gave a proper answer as others tried to sway away from answering directly in a strange situation.

Here’s what the F1 team bosses said –

Mike Krack: “I would like to leave this for the FIA to decide.”

Frederic Vasseur: “If there is a job that I don’t want to do in the paddock it is the stewards’! And I think it will be… It doesn’t matter the system it will be no-man discussion.”

Andrea Stella: “Yeah, same. We trust the FIA. Really? Right?”

Franz Tost: “No, I think that so far, this year, the stewards made correct decisions. And most of the time the stewards are well known. It’s not at every race that they’re completely new. They are changing from time to time, but you see always the same faces. And it’s always the same story – if a team has some troubles, for whatever reason, then at the end, they tell that it’s the stewards that are guilty. It’s not the steward are guilty, if we do our job in a correct way, then I don’t think that the stewards make problems.”

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