F1 has become a producer to an upcoming scripted television drama series on the sport which is titled ‘One’.

Amid the host of movies and documentaries being made on the sport, F1 has joined hands with Bedrock Entertainment (joint venture of Tony To, Dan Sackheim and ITV Studios Americas), as a producer to a scripted television drama series.

It is named as ‘One’ and will be based on a fictitious story of a family owning a F1 team pitted against string of rivals in a multi-million dollar sport. There will be some reality to it too where they are to blend the show with real-world 23-race calendar.

Following a resolution in writers strike, Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby will be the writers and executive producers of the series. To will be one of the executive producers alongside Sackheim and Philippe Maigret (of ITV Studios Americas).

The Piecrust Pictures banner will be the main producer of the series, where Felicity Jones will not just produce (alongside brother Alexander) but also act in it. “It is an honour to be part of this unique and exciting partnership with Formula 1,” she said.

“The high stakes world of F1 continually delivers edge-of-your-seat drama and to have the opportunity to create a show based in this world is a thrilling prospect. I feel incredibly privileged to be working alongside this talented team including Mark and Hawk, Tony and the team at Bedrock Entertainment, and the whole team at F1 to bring our story to the screen.”

At the same time, To stated: “One has been driven by our collective passions to tell the story of the characters who inhabit this unique world and what happens behind the scenes of the great and complex sport, while capturing the massive scope and scale of F1.

“We’re grateful that Felicity has graced us with her enduring commitment and talent and we are thrilled to collaborate with the team at Formula 1. We look forward to getting down to work with Mark, Hawk, and the One team to bring this global series to life.”

And finally, Isabelle Stewart from F1, added: “Felicity is one of the most talented and engaging actresses in the world. We are thrilled to partner with her, Tony, Philippe, Mark and Hawk, to bring the glamorous, high-pressure and competitive inner workings of the world of Formula 1 to life for audiences across the globe.”

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