The new F1 Nation podcast features Eddie Jordan who speaks about Mercedes’ dominance, RP20’s performance, issues with Sebastian Vettel and more.

  • The latest F1 Nation podcast began with discussion on the biggest story of the last week, which has of course been the development on the 2020 calendar, which has seen three new tracks added.
  • Hosts Tom Clarkson and Alex Jacques denounced some of the widespread negativity surrounding the track, while also touching upon the additional races at Imola and Portimao.
  • The two also weighed in on what tracks they’d love to have seen on this year’s spectacular calendar, and had varying opinions as Clarkson stated that Cadwell Park (an old Formula 3 track) would make a good addition and Jacques said that Brands Hatch would be the ultimate inclusion on the schedule.
  • After a brief break, Jordan joined the podcast, and – entirely unprompted – expressed his concern over the dominance of Mercedes, and how this may negatively affect the sport.
  • Jordan then discussed Lewis Hamilton specifically, before answering the hypothetical question of what two drivers he could manage if he had the chance.
  • He covered Racing Point’s RP20, the legality of it – something he doesn’t want to discuss,  and whether or not their competitiveness is good for F1.
  • On this note, Jordan praised Lance Stroll, and discussed the story surrounding Sergio Perez’s potential replacement within the team.
  • Surprisingly, the ex-team-principal stated that – were he in the position of Racing Point – he wouldn’t hire Vettel, who he feels underperforms relative to the young drivers coming up through the ranks.
  • He was harsh on the German, and said with certainty that he would be unable to beat Hamilton in his current state.
  • Then, Jordan discussed what might have gone wrong in the relationship between Vettel and Ferrari, and he did not blame the old team principal Maruzio Arrivabene for the failure.
  • After the interview drew to a close, Clarkson and Jacques digested the interview, and previewed the the British GP – a race expected to be dominated by Mercedes.

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