The F1 24 official game by EA Sports has been officially launched with overhauls done from the previous editions.

The brand new F1 24 official video game of the 2024 FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, produced by Electronic Arts (EA SPORTS), launches worldwide today with a host of new features for fans to enjoy as they get behind the wheel of the most realistic edition of the game yet.  ‘Career Mode’ has been overhauled to allow players to race as a current F1 driver or an Icon from the past and rewrite history or create new storylines.

Within that, the Driver Recognition System, has been developed to allow players to achieve their driver and team’s short-term goals and long-term aspirations. There’s also an updated ‘Two-Player Career Mode’ which enables a friend to play co-operatively or competitively, and ‘Challenge Career’ offers players a tailor-made bite-sized option with scenarios voted on by real-world drivers and the community.

The innovative EA SPORTS Dynamic Handling redefines the car’s physics to increase control and puts the vehicle’s performance and race strategy in the hands of the player. With new suspension motions, tyre model, aero simulation, and revamped engine and setup options, players will receive detailed feedback, giving them a more accurate handling performance.

Realism in F1 24 has been further enhanced with Silverstone, Circuit de Spa Francorchamps, Jeddah Corniche Circuit, and Lusail International Circuit all updated to increase authenticity and accuracy. The official cars for all 10 F1 teams have been meticulously recreated using detailed CAD data and the F1 drivers have been brought to life with full hair rendering and improvements to eye and skin shades.

‘F1 World’ also returns as an in-game hub where players can complete new challenges all season long to improve their on-track skills and unlock true-to-life F1 livery, suit, and helmet drops. The new ‘Fanzone’ feature in ‘F1 World’ allows players to compete in time limited leagues representing their favourite teams and drivers in the F1 24 community and work towards shared goals and earn points to unlock rewards.

The digital-exclusive Champions Edition, featuring EA SPORTS ambassador Max Verstappen, includes James Hunt and Juan Pablo Montoya as Icons, 18,000 Pitcoins, and an ‘F1 World’ Bumper Pack. Postlaunch, players can look forward to five seasons of new playable content, with each themed around actual F1 events, keeping fans right in the heart of the racing action all year round.

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