Mercedes clarifies about the recent F1 test involving Mick Schumacher, Andrea Kimi Antonelli and George Russell and the test to come.

Mercedes has been forced to clarify about the recent Testing of Previous Car sessions held at Silverstone involving Schumacher, Antonelli and Russell. This was another running for the Italian, who has had sessions held in Red Bull Ring and Imola.

Schumacher, meanwhile, has only run at Silverstone but will be in action next week at Barcelona alongside Antonelli driving the 2022 W13 machinery. It is another TPC running, which is part of their programme and deal put in place.

Mercedes has put down the notion that the Silverstone test was a shootout by various media, between Schumacher and Antonelli while driving against Russell, to find out the Brit’s teammate for the 2025 F1 season replacing the Ferrari-bound Lewis Hamilton.

The purpose, the timing and the weather conditions are different when they run and that there is no question of comparison or evaluation. Both Antonelli and Schumacher completed their programmes given to them and will continue to do ahead too.

Mercedes are in the process of finding Hamilton’s replacement with the above names being linked along with Carlos Sainz, Esteban Ocon and even Valtteri Bottas. “Ahead of the weekend, a short note to confirm that our next TPC (Testing of Previous Car) test will be held in Barcelona next week with Mick and Kimi driving the W13 (2022 car),” a statement read.

“Perhaps understandably, given these are private tests, there has been a lot of speculation around their purpose and content. Our most recent TPC test in Silverstone included Mick, Kimi and George. It was incorrectly labelled a “shootout”, which was neither the intention nor the findings of the running.

“It’s important to understand that each driver completed different programmes, on different days, in different track and weather conditions. Unfortunately, unverified speculation has led to conclusions and comparisons being published that do not reflect what happened.

“Both Mick and Kimi have done an excellent job delivering their respective programmes, to the complete satisfaction of the team, and we are looking forward to three busy days of running next week, too.”

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