Dorian Boccolacci (Trident) wins the last race of the season at the Yas Marina Circuit, Abu Dhabi. He is followed by teammate Ryan Tveter and Daniel Ticktum (DAMS) completes the podium in 3rd.

Ryan Tveter maintains the lead at the start, with Dorian Boccolacci right behind him. George Russel (ART Grand Prix) who started 7th on the grid, dropped down to 8th with Arjun Maini (Jenzer) right in front of him. In the first lap we see a lot of action, with some debris flying on track from Luca Pulcini’s (Arden) car, it will be the end of his race.

There’s a big battle for 4th going on as well, with 5 drivers involved: Lorandi, Ticktum, Karim Maini and Russel all fighting for position. While Marcus Siebert’s (Campos Racing) weekend is getting even worse, with him coming to a halt on track again. At the front Boccolacci takes the lead from teammate Tveter and starts pulling away, trying to create a gap outside of DRS range as quickly as possible.

We see battles all over the field with Fukuzumi battling Jörg and Russell still on the back of Maini. The whole top 8, which covers the points for this race, is looking very racey. Ticktum right behind Lorandi, getting him on the inside for 4th. The first one having his 4 wheels off track by doing so, gets handed a time penalty. Ticktum then gets on the back of Schothorst and manages to pass the Dutchman for 3rd.

The battle between Russell and Maini still going on, changing position every now and then, until the Brit finds the pace and gets into 6th position. At the same time, we see Lorandi trying a move on Schothorst, but the Frenchman gets it completely wrong and damages his front wing with his late move. He will drop positions first, before eventually having to pit for a new front wing and then retiring from the race.

Arjun Maini is now stuck with another ART behind him, Anthoine Hubert has come back and is right on the tail of the Indian. With 4 laps to the end, we see a lot of action on track. Fukuzumi dropped to 17th for an unknown reason, while Hubert manages to pass Maini for 7th. Kari is on the back of Schothorst now, looking quick the Finn tries a pass on the Arden but they come together. This will lead to Schothorst’s retirement and Kari will drop to 6th.

Dorian Boccolacci wins his first ever GP3 race, followed by Ryan Tveter and Niko Kari finishes in 3rd, after being given his 5sec time penalty. Russell and Hubert are in 4th and 5th, followed by Kari, Baptista, Maini, Jörg and Aitken who complete the top 10.