Stefano Domenicali opened up to Martin Brundle about various things in F1, its relation with the FIA, new teams, 2023 season and more.

In an in-depth and long interview with Sky Sports F1’s Brundle, Domenicali began by talking about where F1 is at the moment and where it will be in future. The Italian goes on to say it is in a very healthy state as things stand and the sport is more popular now.

Regarding on track, he is looking forward to a super exciting season ahead and hopes to see more wheel to wheel driving with close battles up and down the grid as the new regulations starts to close up. Expanding more, he talks about F1’s newest Grand Prix in Las Vegas in 2023 and the general growth in USA.

Moving on, Domenicali opened up on Red Bull’s cost cap penalty in 2023 where he added more on the financial regulations, financial penalties and sporting penalties. Going forward, he says the checking of cost cap breach will be done much earlier in future and that all teams understand now the penalties that can be incurred.

On a different note, they shift to the topic of the team principal movement over the winter. He wants to see how each one of them will work in their new home. He feels F1 is much more complex than the past and is more difficult now for just one person being head of any team.

Regarding the winner of 2023, Domenicali is as diplomatic as possible and shies away from picking one. He is excited to see the young drivers coming through though and is also excited about Audi and Ford joining F1 too in 2026. He reckons Porsche may join in too but for a short-term period.

This led to the topic of Andretti entering F1 and the noise around it. Even though they aren’t a confirmed entrant as yet but the Italian notes of respect and how it is vital that new teams continue to bang on the door for the growth of the sport.

He switched to the topic of the friction between F1 and the FIA which has been ongoing since last year. He says it is important to clarify every role in Formula One. Goes on to talk about 2021 Abu Dhabi and other issues which happened which he wishes to ensure that these things do not happen again.

On the topic of F1 being on sale, he puts down that. Going back to the friction topic, he says the role of the FIA in F1 is to be the regulator of the sport. Speaking about the Human Rights issues at some Grands Prix, Domenicali says there are independent auditors following this and the spotlight of F1 will help these issues.

Moving on to the F1 Academy topic, he talks about the female racers and creating a foundation for them. He hopes that F1 will be fighting in the biggest league in terms of Sport and Entertainment when he finally hands over the baton to a replacement. As it stands he is very happy in his position and wants to lead by example too.

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