New F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali says drivers will play an integral role in F1’s future, but adds that he is unaware of Lewis Hamilton’s status.

Rife with talent, the current F1 grid features the likes of George Russell, Charles Leclerc, Max Verstappen, Lando Norris, and Carlos Sainz among those under 27-years-old in the field. All of the aforementioned talents are perceived to be stars of F1’s future, each amassing a great following for their promising performances.

Many would argue that F1’s future is bright for this, and Domenicali, who assumed his role earlier in the year, is among those of this belief. The Italian calls these up-and-comers ‘ambassadors’ and said they will be ‘crucial’ to the sport’s future. “[The drivers] will be at the center of the future of Formula 1,” Domenicali began in a Sky Sports interview.

“I think that they represent the real soul of our sport – their faces, their ability. I would say to interpret them, not only as drivers, but as the ambassadors of our sport. They will be crucial for the future. We didn’t have in the last decade so many good drivers as we have now.

“We have incredible young drivers, there is an incredible record to be achieved for Lewis [Hamilton], for others, so the challenge there is great,” he said, suggesting that those younger pursuing Hamilton’s records in coming years will be a compelling storyline.

The Brit, who is the winningest driver in F1 history, is a ‘protagonist’ according to Domenicali, but also a behaviorally justified talent. “Lewis is a protagonist,” he said. “Lewis has in front of him an incredible possibility to become the best in terms of numbers. So the challenge there is incredible.

“I’m really looking forward to see him fighting on the track with the way that he’s also now behaving as a man, not only as a driver,” Domenicali added, before denying he had further information on Hamilton’s unsigned contract with Mercedes.

“As you can imagine, I don’t know any other information. I’m waiting for the news for Toto [Wolff] to release, and for Lewis to confirm. Everyone is waiting for that. That’s the same kind of attitude that I have like all the supporters of Formula 1.”

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