Nyck de Vries doesn’t see much difference within AlphaTauri after comments from Franz Tost regarding lack of trust.

After a slow start to its F1 2023 campaign, Tost was open and blunt about the situation and having less to no trust on his engineers who promised him of a better car which didn’t turn out to be the case. The team suffered last year and continues to do so.

Although Yuki Tsunoda has had couple of 11th place finishes and a sole point, AlphaTauri seem a bit far off from the pack to be regularly in the Top 10. They do have updates lined up which should help but others will be pushing as well at the same time.

The fact that AlphaTauri uses a lot of Red Bull parts, it is still reeling currently which has further upset Tost which paves way to rumours of potential sale. Despite the comments from the boss, de Vries plays down any disharmony amidst the F1 team.

“I honestly think the vibe within the team is great and I felt no difference post certain comments that have been made,” said de Vries. “I think things can be taken a little bit out of context and I think we were all kind of scratching our heads and we all want to be as quick as Red Bull that is currently winning and dominating.

“So we’re all trying to improve and work hard to make that progress and so are we and we are racers and we are passionate about what we do. But I felt no change within the ambience and atmosphere within the team. So I’m very happy where I am and I’m sure that we’re all very keen to continue to push forward,” summed up de Vries.

The Dutchman along with former AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly agreed that Tost is usually hard on his drivers and the engineers. Many were expecting de Vries to outshine Tsunoda in few races, but so far the Japanese driver has delivered well on that front.

De Vries knows this but it isn’t something he is deeply looking into. “I mean, the vibe in the team is really good,” he continued. “But we are competitive and we want to be further up the grid. And we obviously would have hoped and liked that we were a bit more ahead and in the fight for points, but hopefully during the course of the season we can get ourselves in that place.”

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