Former F1 driver David Coulthard feels W Series can help female drivers not only towards F1 but also other series too.

While the idea of having a W Series is still being discussed widely, the first season has been a success with Williams development driver Jamie Chadwick winning from BMW works driver Beitsike Visser.

Apart from the popular names, the series gave platform to drivers like Alice Powell, who nearly left racing but got the opportunity to compete again, which opened up a way for her as he readies herself for her debut in IMSA.

Few others have had few chances in other forms of racing too, which bodes well for the junior series giving exposure to racers. Coulthard, who looks after the W Series, feels the series is in the right direction for female racers.

Although he stresses on the F1 aspect, where he reckons some are good enough to make it to the pinnacle of motor racing but if not, they can compete professionally in many other forms of racing.

“In the W Series we’ve really put a big spotlight on the female talent that’s out there right now, and I think there’s a few of the competitors who are capable of driving in Formula 1,” said Coulthard on F1 Fan Voice.

“Now the question is, is being capable enough, or are you looking for a Lewis, a Max, a Charles? You’re looking for the female equivalent of them, because unless you’re as good as a Lewis, a Max, a Charles etc. you’re not going to beat them.

“I personally, with W Series, want to bring more women into motorsport. My sister raced, she was very good but didn’t get the support because my family were supporting me and I regret that, so I want to be part of this to help support female talent and bring more women into motorsport.

“If they’re good enough, they’ll go to F1. If they’re merely good – and good is still good – then they’ll be in touring cars, sportscars and many other championships.”