Zak Brown has tattooed the layout of the Miami GP circuit on his right shoulder to celebrate first F1 win of Lando Norris at the venue.

McLaren chief Brown had initially tattooed the layout on Monza circuit after the famous win of Daniel Ricciardo in Italian GP. It was as per a bet between the driver and the team boss, where the American did what he said despite being fearful of getting a tattoo.

That day Norris escaped a win but it eventually had to happen. It took them couple of years to get there but with the Brit winning his first F1 grand prix in Miami GP, Brown had to take the plunge and get the circuit layout tattooed on his right shoulder.

“Yep, I did it again,” wrote Brown. “Another tattoo, this time for our win in Miami, and Lando’s first in F1. I have to say, it was just as painful as the first time. Thankfully, Lando was there to give me all the encouragement I needed… not!”

Here’s video:

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