As per the latest information, it looks like Brazil GP will take place as per the original F1 schedule, as Michael Masi adds on changes at Igora Drive in Russia.

While the notion is that among the races in USA, Mexico and Brazil, the latter two seems more vulnerable, but for the moment it looks like that the Brazilian event may take place eventually, as per Birigui Speed Park kart owner, Ricardo Gracia.

In the week where the FIA World Motor Sport Council approved a date change of 2021 Karting World Championship for OK and OK Junior class races, from October to December, Gracia claims that it was done in order to sync the event with F1 Brazil GP.

The current date for Brazil GP is November 5-7, with the kart race to take place on December 2-5. In his visit to Sarno for this weekend’s OK and OK Junior races, Gracia informed the media including, about the plans of State of Sao Paulo.

As per Gracia, the State of Sao Paulo is aiming to vaccinate all of its people with double doses by mid of September, well ahead of November-December, when the races are scheduled to take place. In fact, he states the F1 race has already sold 40,000 tickets.

After last year’s cancellation, the new promoters of F1 Brazil GP doesn’t a repeat in 2021 and preparing itself to be ready to host the grand prix with capacity crowd, with no quarantine norms unlike the Australian GP, whose replacement is being looked at.

The cancelled Singapore race has been replaced by Turkey, but question mark remains on Japan, which is gearing up to host the Olympics. On motor racing side, they have cancelled both the MotoGP and the WEC races, but Honda’s farewell could play a role on F1.

There were murmurs of two races in USA – possibly at COTA – but not much has been spoken about it publicly after the initial jump. That remains a back-up plan, though, in case either of the races in Mexico and Brazil sees some problems.

Staying on with the grand prix news, the FIA Race Director Masi visited the new Igora Drive venue along with Steve Nielsen, after the Azerbaijan GP. The shift of Russian GP venue was announced last month, with Sochi to move away after the 2022 event.

When asked about the changes required at Igora Drive, Masi noted that some of the said things are normal changes to bring to F1 level, even though it has a Grade A license. They are working in tandem with the FIM, to not make it one event-centric.

“Myself and Steve Nielsen went together to Igora Drive, straight from Azerbaijan, so there are number of changes that are being worked through together with the circuit,” said Masi to written media. “They are already doing an extension on there, a longer extension which is well in advance but one thing that probably isn’t appreciated is the typography, it is amazing the typography and something you do not appreciate from seeing on a drawing.

“There is some work to do prior to their event in 2023 but it is very much… it is also an FIM Grade A circuit so we are working together with our friends at the FIM and the circuit themselves to implement a few changes in regards to extending the number of garages.

“They are adding some more garages, there are a couple of changes, some run-offs areas that need changing and some kerbs but nothing unusual from what we would have seen from a pre-event inspection for a new facility,” summed up Masi.

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