With just one day to go for the second F1 2019 Barcelona test to begin, here’s a look at how the first test went on for different teams and drivers.

Experienced F1 writer and marketeer Omar Alvarez has prepared an infograph to depict the laps covered by each team along with the kilmoters done and the best time set by their driver which includes the compound they set it on too.

Without repeating those information, here’s the chart prepared for FormulaRapida.net:

F1 2019 Barcelona Test 1 infographic
Copyright: Omar Alvarez

As we can see, the quickest time was set by Renault’s Nico Hulkenberg at 1m17.393s, right at the fag end of the four-day test, after which the German had to stop the car and end his run. He set the time on the softest compound available.

Hulkenberg beat Toro Rosso’s Alexander Albon (1m17.637s), who also set his quickest time on the C5 compound on the final day of testing. As is the universal conclusion, times mean nothing with lap count and km taking centerstage.

If we look at the laps done, Hulkenberg did 247 in all as opposed to Albon’s 268. But before we get on to the lap count details, here’s a list of the the times set by the team’s second driver who are not mentioned in the above chart:

Daniil Kvyat (Toro Rosso): 1m17.704s (Day 3) – C5

Daniel Ricciardo (Renault): 1m17.785s (Day 4) – C4

Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes): 1m17.9977s (Day 4) – (C4)

Sebastian Vettel (Ferrari): 1m18.161s (Day 3) – (C3)

Antonio Giovinazzi (Alfa Romeo): 1m18.511s (Day 4) – (C3)

Carlos Sainz (McLaren): 1m18.558s (Day 1) – (C4)

Kevin Magnussen (Haas): 1m18.720s (Day 4) – (C3)

Max Verstappen (Red Bull Racing): 1m18.787s (Day 3) – (C3)

Pietro Fittipaldi (Haas): 1m19.249s (Day 3) – (C4)

Sergio Perez (Racing Point): 1m19.944s (Day 1) – (C3)

Robert Kubica (Williams): 1m21.542s (Day 4) – (C2)

Coming back to the lap count, in terms of the four constructors’, it was Ferrari (three teams) leading the way with 1489 laps, followed by Honda (two teams) at 957 with Mercedes (three teams) at 946 and Renault (two teams) on 878.

In teams’ lap count, Mercedes led the way with 610, followed by Ferrari on 598, Alfa Romeo on 507, Toro Rosso on 482, Red Bull on 475, McLaren on 445, Renault on 433, Haas on 384, Racing Point on 248 and Williams on 88.

At the same time, among the drivers, it was Hamilton leading the way with 307, followed by a tie between Vettel and Bottas at 303 each with Leclerc undertaking 295, Albon 268, Giovinazzi 255, Raikkonen 252, Hulkenberg 247, Gasly 238 and Verstappen 237 in Top 10.

The rest of the field was led by Norris with 236, followed by teammate Sainz with 219, Kvyat 214, Grosjean with 195, Ricciardo 186, Stroll 151, Magnussen 125, Perez 97, Fittipaldi 61, Kubica 48 and Russell 40.

Here’s the full order shared by Pirelli:

F1 2019 Barcelona Test 1
Copyright: Pirelli