Aston Martin does credits Sebastian Vettel for the AMR23 development, as the German is at peace despite the good showing.

The AMR23 has taken all by surprise certainly as Aston Martin finds itself in a position where they are taking on Mercedes and Ferrari which was unthinkable last year. They are not that close to Red Bull, but they aren’t shy of fighting them if needed.

The sliding scale of wind tunnel has certainly been utilised well by Aston Martin after they brought in a car that 95% different to last year. While Fernando Alonso is making headlines, team boss Mike Krack hasn’t forgotten’s Vettel’s work on it.

The German wasn’t fully involved with the AMR23 considering he was to retire, but Krack noted that Vettel’s inputs did help them while working on the new car. Whether he retired early to not utilise the benefits, the Aston Martin chief reckons it is on him to answer.

“If you’ve retired too early or too late, that is something you have to ask himself,” said Krack. “I think he has his merits in where the car is today, because we had many, many meetings last year where he gave us a hint: do this or do that or do not do this with the new car. So I think he has his merits in here.

“And then we have to respect the decision that he took, he reflected for a long time before he made that decision and when he made it and if we have to move on, and he has to move on. And if it’s a shame for him, yes or no, this, I think you should ask him,” summed Krack, who in Bahrain revealed about remaining in touch with Vettel still.

The German was speculated to be a replacement of Lance Stroll at Aston Martin, but it wasn’t to happen with Vettel at peace with the retirement. “I had no idea how good or bad Lance was doing,” said Vettel to media at an event. “I wrote to him and wished him well. But for me it was clear that he would take part in the first race.”

The German is following the sport this year but mostly as a normal spectator than getting involved too hard. He is naturally with no regrets even though Aston Martin is in a different league to what it was when he was driving last year.

“I’m currently following you as a spectator – with a lot of insider knowledge over the last few years,” said Vettel. “Of course I’m interested. But right now I’m doing well in my new situation and I’m looking forward to pursuing things that interest me and delving into different topics. I enjoy the time at home with the kids and family.

“I collect a lot of ideas and let myself drift before something more concrete comes out of it. It is always difficult to predict what will happen next year. Therefore, of course, the joy for the team outweighs. I’m glad it’s going so well. It was clear that it would be better than last year because last year was pretty bad.

“But no matter what scenario is taking place now; I made my decision regardless of how things might have gone this year. I don’t see it that way. I don’t regret resigning. Of course it would be easier if the car wasn’t quite as good now, but the joy really outweighs that,” summed up Vettel, who is also happy for Alonso getting to reap the results.

“For Fernando, he also had a few years when he didn’t have a good car, so maybe he’ll experience a second spring. Of course, the work from last year, but there are a lot of people who build a car like this and the more time goes by, the less I have to do with it.”

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