It is confirmable that last incorporation in Ferrari is Toni Cuquerella. Engineer from Valencian Country is another new face in the Scuderia and will manage red-dressed track engineers.

Ferrari continues with face renovation. After restructuration in technical department and changing both track engineers, someone had to manage this team and that is going to be valencian Toni Cuquerella.

While Andrea Stella leaves to McLaren along with Alonso, Riccardo Adami – from Toro Rosso – will take care of Sebastian Vettel’s car as David Greenwood, engineer coming from Marussia, will take Kimi Räikkönen’s car after a bad season for the finish driver with Antonio Spagnolo.

Last adventure in Formula 1 for this Gandia born engineer was with Hispania Racing Team, the spanish team that stayed for three years in grid until closing in 2012 for lack of inversions. This years Cuquerella was with BMW in DTM as techical director for MTEK until now, when he faces his biggest challenge as a competition engineer.