The second free-practice session of the Chines Grand Prix has been cancelled due to poor weather conditions.

The second session was to start in the same way it ended, with the helicopter unable to operate and with the start of the session delayed. The rainy conditions joined with the important fog in Shanghai involved very poor visibility which prevented all flight traffic to happen around the circuit.

The timer for FP2 was still on in order that, if the session was to start, it would not go further than the initial stopping time. The conditions did not eventually improve, which led to an annulation of the session.

Some drivers took the advantage of the situation to communicate with the fans, either via TV screens like Sebastian Vettel and Fernando Alonso, or more directly by coming over the main grand stands and throwing signed caps to the crowds as Lewis Hamilton did.

The drivers would have to only content themselves with the little laps covered in FP1 before starting day 2 with only one hour in FP3 before the qualifying session.