In the Saturday to Sunday time, European time, was held the first official race of Sim Racing in Formula E category, under the CES 2017 in Las Vegas. A special circuit was created into the rFactor 2 game. This race opposed official championship drivers and best sim racing drivers. A check for $ 225,000 (victory and pole position) was awarded to the winner Bono Huis representing Faraday Future Dragon Racing.

All the motorsports enthusiasts were present at the Venetian Hotel for this great premiere : drivers, journalists, stables, sponsors and the FIA president, Jean Todt wanted to travel to admire this eRace. Dutch e-driver Bono Huis dominated all the sessions, including the Super Pole, winning a beautiful check for $ 25,000. Throughout the race, he couldn’t get rid of the Swede driver Felix Rosenqvist, who also showed all his talent in a simulator. On the 14th lap, the two e-racers returned to the pits to change their cars. It’s here that comes the thirs of the e-race Olli Pahkala (Mahindra Racing), beneficiary of Fan Boost, who attempting the undercut was able to lead ahead of Bono Huis.

At the exit of the simulators, we had seen a boss of Mahindra really enjoy, delighted with the victory of Pahkala and third place of Rosenqvist, also congratulated by his teammate Nick Heidfeld. Dutch driver Bono Huis didn’t understand what had happened, especially since Pahkala wasn’t wheel in wheel at the time of his pit stop and Huis did’nt encounter an e-racer latecomers.

At the sight of the times, Pahkala had been quicker than  seconds on his competitors for six laps. A post-race investigation revealed that Olli Pahkala had benefited from the fan boost for eleven laps (instead of five) due to a softare problem. He inherited a 12-second penalty, falling to third place in the standings. Bono Huis, very angry on the podium, won a check worth $ 200,000. Felix Rosenqvist earns $ 100,000 and Olli Pahkala $ 50,000. On the side of the official drivers : José Maria Lopez, who won the qualifying race, Sam Bird, Daniel Abt and Nelson Piquet Jr. all finished in the Top 10. The best lap, initially made by Pahkala, was finally awarded e-racer e.Dams Renault David Greco, who raised a check for $ 10,000.

It’s possible to find the whole event on Twitch channel E.League TV, the main race starts from 1:55.