Fernando Alonso warns of consequences after wild rumours of him joining Red Bull in a swap between him and Sergio Perez with Aston Martin.

Post the F1 Mexico GP, some wild rumours started to circulate post a cryptic tweet from a Spanish journalist about a speculation he heard but doesn’t want it to happen. Majority linked it to a swap between Red Bull and Aston Martin drivers.

It stated that Alonso was to replace Perez in 2024 as the Spaniard doesn’t have confidence in Aston Martin to deliver. There were several other theories which linked the Silverstone-based team to a potential sale to Saudi Arabia-based businessman.

When asked about the same to Alonso on the eve of the Brazil GP, the Spaniard came strong to deny those rumours while noting that there could be consequences for the people involved, who are doing this just for clicks and are not being professionals.

Amid this, speculations continue about Perez still losing the Red Bull seat to Daniel Ricciardo, who has been confirmed at AlphaTauri. The Australian delivered a massive result in Mexico which helped the team to move from 10th to eighth in the standings.

For the times being, both Perez and Ricciardo are not stating anything regarding the situation. The Mexican already has a contract for 2024 but things can change quickly at Red Bull. When asked Max Verstappen, he stated he has no choice over it.

Joining Red Bull, questioning loyalty –

Alonso: “No, I mean, nothing, nothing to say. Just rumours, normal paddock rumours from people that they are just try to make fun of it and gain some followers and these kinds of things. But I’m not into that game. I am not enjoying because even in this room I appreciate that all of you are journalists, professional people that have been in Formula One for so many years and you gain your respect and this is how it should be. So all the rumours are coming from people that are not in this room, are just here to make fun and I think it’s not funny when they play with anything. Of course that’s the thing that they are making, but I will make sure that there are consequences.”

Discussions of new contract, frustration over 2024 still –

Perez: “It isn’t something I’m thinking right now, to be honest, I think when you are going through a difficult patch you want to focus on the racing side. And there are so many rumours about my future that I just don’t have any energy for that, I just want to focus on Sunday. And that’s why I have my manager for that. I’ve been in this for 13 years. And I know that everyone has a different agenda here. Even the journalists. So I’m used to it.”

Links to Red Bull drive in 2024 –

Ricciardo: “I haven’t. Yeah, obviously, all the stuff around my contract next year has been related to AlphaTauri. So yeah, that’s, I would say that’s honestly as far as that goes, I think. Yeah, for me personally, having a weekend like Mexico is just definitely good for the soul. And also, like, for the team, you know?  I haven’t been here long but for them to be tenth in the Constructors’, and to jump two places in the space of two weekends was huge. So, I think that kind of creates a very happy atmosphere around everyone. So that’s, yeah, kind of happy doing that. And try to just keep charging on where I am.”

Your choice if asked –

Verstappen: “I always had a great relationship with Daniel, when were team-mates, when, of course, we weren’t, but at the same time, also, I have a great relationship with Checo and I find it a bit unfair to now sit here and say who I would prefer as a team-mate or whatever. I mean, they have been great team-mates, and it’s not up to me at the end of the day to make these kinds of decisions, because I’m very focused on my own performance. So yeah, I mean, if it’s Checo next year, then, you know, great. I have a great working relationship with him, but also personally, I think he’s a great guy. And if it’s Daniel, then also we will get along fine and we have a great time. But yeah, F1 can be a tough sport and you’re asking these kinds of questions, but yeah, maybe also nothing happens right, so we’ll see.”

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