Max Verstappen reckons the win in Miami GP was the one he enjoyed in first half of F1 2023 along with Hungary and Belgium.

Red Bull’s Verstappen has a long list of 10 races from 12 to choose from to regard the best among them. And there cannot be one for sure. When asked about the races that he enjoyed the most, he did name one but tagged along two more.

The first name that popped up into his head was Miami GP where he took the win from teammate Sergio Perez and Aston Martin’s Fernando Alonso. The Dutchman started from ninth after he was unable to set a time due to qualifying getting red-flagged.

He fought his way through well and passed Perez to win. The next set of races that he found enjoyable were the recent ones in Hungary and Belgium. It was a non-pole start in the former but Verstappen passed Lewis Hamilton early to eventually win it.

The race at Spa-Francorchamps was another non-pole start due to gearbox penalty, but he climbed on the tail of Perez soon to register his 10th win of the F1 2023 season. “It’s difficult to choose,” said Verstappen when asked about his best race. “There have been a lot of nice ones, some of it most straightforward.

“I think the one actually which I really enjoy was like back in time in Miami. It’s a tough track, also to get through the field but we managed I think that whole race quite well after, of course, the tough qualifying. So probably for me, that was a very enjoyable one but honestly, also Belgium, the last one in Hungary – there are a lot of nice ones.

“I think also throughout the first part of the season, we have improved as a team. And also from my side, I feel more comfortable in the car. And it’s all about little details. So a lot of enjoyable moments. It’s tough to pick one,” summed up Verstappen.

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