Frederic Vasseur reckons Ferrari can win a race in F1 2023 as he notes that set up during weekends is far more than developments.

Having had a sound Austrian GP and a good British GP until Sunday, Ferrari ended up with just three points in changeable scenarios during the grand prix. There was some high after Canada and Austria, but it wasn’t a hugely happy run in Britain eventually.

With the developments that Ferrari brought about there was some optimism and hope from their camp and Vasseur reckons it is working especially on the degradation side. “Difficult to say that we were doing a good job when we finish 9 and 10,” he said to media.

“Overall, it is true that we had more deg at the beginning of the season. It was not the case in Britain. We were lacking pace. The car is still unstable with wind etc. We knew before that Silverstone was always going to be difficult for us.

“It is not only development but set up during the week end. Development you would have kind of asymptote. Set up and preparation of the week end you can do more than this. You cannot have new parts every race…we will have parts soon. Looking at the week end we could have done a much better usage of the car than we did.”

The wind sensitivity issue clearly remains for Ferrari but the car has shown improvements still and Vasseur believes that team did better in extreme winds in Britain than Miami. “The wind was extreme here,” he said. “More than Miami. And the performance was better than Miami . For sure the car was instable.

“We struggled a lot when we are into the train. This is a characteristic of the car. In terms of improvements, clearly stability and consistency. We improved the weakness of the beginning of the season. In Bahrain the quali was not the target. We did not do a huge step forward. But consistency yes.”

But with 10 races done, Red Bull has won all of them with the likes of Aston Martin, Mercedes, Ferrari and even McLaren coming close in terms of finishing position. Vasseur feels they everyone in this group is certainly eyeing for one win in 2023.

“When you finish P2 in Austria you can expect to win a race,” said Vasseur. “In our group, we are all fighting for this. McLaren, Aston, Mercedes, Us – we all have the target to win a race. And the target is to be first in the group.”

Here’s Ferrari trio discussing about British GP situation