Nico Rosberg’s protege, Taylor Barnard, has won the WSK Final Cup 2018 in the last race at Adria Karting Raceway, Italy. It was enough for Barnard with fourth place in the final. Gabriele Mini, Kirill Smal and James Wharton completed the podium.

The OK-Junior classification was decided immediately because of the rain. The lucky ones who were able to complete their fast laps in the first minutes of the first group were able to avoid the rain and qualified with the best positions. The pole fell into the hands of James Wharton (Ricky Flynn Motorsport).

In the qualifying under the rain and very wet conditions, Taylor Barnard (KR Motor Sport) was the most consistent of all, taking the pole position for the pre-final A, while the Italian Gabriele Mini (Parolin Racing kart) got the pole position for the pre-final B.

In the qualifying rounds, which one of them played in the night, one of the highlights was one of the most terrifying and strange accidents of this season in which Calle Bergman (Ward Racing) suffered physical injuries.

On Sunday, the rain clearly marked the pre-finals. Barnard, who started from pole position, took advantage of having the track free and, therefore, having the necessary visibility to maintain a very high pace that allowed him to win followed by Nikita Bedrin (Tony Kart Racing Team) and Andrea Kimi Antonelli (KR Motor Sport).

In the pre-final B, there was no colour and the dominance of Gabriele Mini was clear on Kirill Smal (Ward Racing) who was then penalized 3 seconds due to having the pontoon in the wrong position. However, the comeback of the Russian during the weekend was impressive, after qualifying the thirty-ninth on Friday.

In the final, Gabriele Mini won over Smal, followed by James Wharton on the podium. Taylor Barnard who finished fourth was enough to proclaim himself champion.