Andrea Stella says the weekend in Spa-Francorchamps showed where McLaren still needs to work for rest of F1 season.

McLaren team principal Stella says the F1 Belgian GP weekend at Spa-Francorchamps helped them see some of the weaknesses that they haven’t addressed yet. They know about them but how quick they need to work on it was understood.

In the last few updates, McLaren has gained good chunk of time to be right with Mercedes, Aston Martin and Ferrari which was not expected at the start of the year. And now the focus is to keep the steady push and convert it into regular podiums in 2024.

“I think the Spa weekend told us that where we could do work, we have definitely improved,” said Stella to media. “I think independently of the rear wing choice, we would have been very strong in the second sector – even with less rear wing. The car is improved in some area. This was confirmed.

“We take the benefit like, for instance, in being able to do that stint. But, at the same time, this weekend confirmed that the areas that we haven’t addressed yet, give us a reality check that there’s more work to do and to some extent confirm that those areas, they need to be addressed quite urgently.

“This urgency, for instance, comes from the fact that a second race after shut down is Monza and you can’t go racing in Monza like this. So there’s urgent work that needs to happen at McLaren to fix the situation,” summed up Stella.

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