Andrea Stella has hopes from the F1 Austrian GP upgrades that McLaren is bringing which he reckons will be noticeable.

After starting with updates in Baku which was followed by other races, McLaren has another one coming up in Austria which team principal Stella has high hopes from. He says that the updates will be ‘noticeable’ as well bringing few tenths of a second.

“I’m banking on this package, but across the pretty much three races in which we will introduce it, these should be a few tenths of a second – should be noticeable from a lap time point of view,” said Stella to media.

“Austria is the most consistent [for our updates]. And then let’s say 50%, 25, 25 [as the races follows].” After a lackluster start, McLaren has picked up pace to fight for points and also Q3 in selected events as they are solving issues one by one.

With the updates and past running, Stella reckons Austria will be good for them. “Austria is a track in which we have done well in the past,” he said. “I think there’s six, seven corners. Four of them are high speed, which we should be competitive on.

“And then Austria is also, like I’ve said already for some time, our first step of bringing upgrades. I think this can be more important than how suitable the track is the characteristic of our car. Ultimately, for us, it’s a milestone in terms of possibly turning around the season.

“Not only thanks to what we bring to Austria, but also tends to work will follow in the next races. So our focus more than the characteristics of the track is now on the car itself. So even if we have only one session, hopefully we’ll be able to validate the new package and from there, move on to a more competitive situation,” summed up Stella.

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