Spa-Francorchamps shared latest photos of the ongoing work at the circuit to upgrade their facility and bring changes at various corners of the track.

The owners of the Spa-Francorchamps had two goals to achieve with their grand upgradation plan whereby apart from adding or changing parts of the facility, they are also planning to ready the circuit to host bike races in the future.

The massive project kicked-off on November 15 and work has continued on since then at various parts. Apart from sharing some photos of the work, Spa-Francorchamps also re-shared about the changes at various corners, especially with the run-offs.

The latest areas to undergo changes were Combes, Malmedy, Raidillon and Eau Rouge:

Combes & Malmedy (Turn 6 & 7) – At Combes and at Malmedy, the run-off will be enlarged, the rails moved and the tarmac replaced by a gravel trap. New service roads will also be put in place.

Raidillon et Eau Rouge (Turn 2 -> 4) – The top of Raidillon (Turn 4) will see its tarmac run-off enlarged on the right side of the track. The left part of the Raidillon (Turn 3) will make way for a larger tarmac run-off. As for the foot of the Raidillon, Eau Rouge (Turn 2), the rails will be moved to allow for enlargement of the run-off. A covered grandstand will then be erected at the top of Raidillon for the end of April, comprising 4,600 places and VIP boxes.

Here’s photos of the ongoing work from Spa-Francorchamps:

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