Andreas Seidl says McLaren Racing is allowed to undertake some changes in their chassis for 2021 F1 season to fit the Mercedes power unit.

All teams up and down the F1 grid have been affected by the monumental decision to push the 2021 technical changes to 2022 due to the global threat of the coronavirus pandemic, but none more so than McLaren, who had big plans for the season.

The British F1 team intended to use the regulatory overhaul to their advantage, and change engine manufacturers at a time when a chassis redesign is already happening. However, with those changes not coming, McLaren will have more work to do as they attempt to retrofit the current design to work with a Mercedes unit.

The situation is far from ideal for them, but despite this, McLaren team principal Seidl has come out in support of the decision to postpone given the current global situation. He also added that the F1 team is allowed some changes to fit the new power unit.

“From the outset, we have been a leading supporter of the new sporting and technical regulations for 2021,” said Seidl. “They present the opportunity to deliver an exciting new era for Formula 1. Nevertheless, there is no escaping the severity of the pressures faced by the sport right now.

“In the same way that decision to introduce the new regulations was aimed at improving the long-term health of Formula 1, the decision to postpone them has been made in the same vein. We support the postponement and have played an active part in the conversation around doing so.

“We recognise that it is crucial to protect the financial health of all the teams while ensuring a level playing field when we do go racing. Furthermore, this decision does not impact our change to Mercedes power units in 2021, and we will be allowed to make the necessary changes to our car to accommodate this.”

Outside that, Seidl also spoke about keeping the morale of the McLaren F1 team high at a time when not just them but the world has been shaken by the pandemic. It was particularly hard on them as their member was tested positive for COVID-19.

A total of 16 stayed back in Australia along with three more to support them – along with Seidl initially – but the good news is that all of them are due to return the United Kingdown this week as it was confirmed to

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The story was co-written by Darshan Chokhani