Mick Schumacher says his mental approach is no different despite the troubles he has had, with Haas also not developing plus talks of support from engineers.

Schumacher has had a positive start to his F1 career, its fair to say. In his rookie year he’s been dealt the card of having the slowest car on the grid, but has managed it well and despite a few hick ups has looked largely at home. So what is the German’s mental approach to a season, especially in his circumstances and how valuable is a positive working relationship with your engineers.

Unfortunately given the nature of this Haas car, making mistakes is not hard and Schumacher has hit a stumbling block in recent races with heavy crashes in Monaco, France and most recently in FP3 in Hungary. Teammate and fellow rookie Nikita Mazepin recently highlighted just how sensitive the current crop of F1 cars are especially their Haas when it comes to things like wind.

Schumacher was asked whether any of the car’s characteristics could be altered to counter this but, “unfortunately that’s I think one of the things we’re stuck with, just because of the way we’re approaching this year in terms of upgrades and everything so it’s down to I think me and the team to manage it in a different way probably,” he said to media including FormulaRapida.net.

Haas are burdened by financial restraint this year and obviously don’t have the resources of a works manufacture, therefore the car will continue to go undeveloped for the rest of 2021. It means Schumacher’s life isn’t going to get any easier on track. Knowing you’re going to be stuck at the back of the grid battling yourselves for the rest of the season is no doubt a tough pill to swallow, but he is taking it on the chin.

“For me my mental approach is to always give my best and we are a bit adrift to everybody right now and so I have to try and find the little bits here and there,” said Schumacher. A top level mindset on show there from the German, giving his best is all he can do but his best is not served justice in that car unfortunately.

Teammate Mazepin, recently, not only highlighted the sensitivity of F1 cars especially their Haas but also how his working relationship with his engineers has blossomed as the season has progressed and how this has given him more confidence and trust in the car.

Schumacher feels the same when asked about his positive relationship with his engineers. “Of course, I think everybody in the team has been helping me to feel the way I do, I think it’s down to every single person working for the team that have been giving me the support that I needed and also the guidance,” he said.

One can only imagine how crucial this is as a rookie, to work in conjunction with those who know best, to get your car in the optimal performance window to maximise your chances. Despite on track results not being there, it is clear the harmony at Haas is not suffering and with the driver line-up set to stay the same for 2022, positive and healthy foundations are being laid within the team for these two drivers going forward.

“I’m very happy to be here and have been able to learn from them as much as I did,” said Schumacher. “We still have the second half of the season to go and for sure my learning curve will go on and improve.”

The 2021 season can be and is proving to be a great learning curve for Schumacher which will no doubt set him in good stead for the rest of his career. Patience is key, like it is for a lot of young drivers but if his mental approach doesn’t change to “give my best” all the time and with a solid relationship with his engineers, good things will come to the talented German no doubt with his whole career in front of him.

The story was written by Ollie Pattas

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