Carlos Sainz is worried about the doctors fighting the COVID-19 virus around the world, while he is relieved that all of the McLaren F1 members are back home.

Coronavirus has forced many people to live in a state of fear, as the deadly disease has sent the world into a spin, causing a mounting number of deaths, and a high number of cases which is also rising exponentially – even hitting the F1 circus.

The global situation certainly looks grim, but for Sainz, COVID-19 is a worrying thing that isn’t quite worthy of out-and-out fear, as he stated that it’s hard to know how bad the situation truly is, unless you’re on the front lines.

“It doesn’t scare me but it worries me,” said Sainz in an interview to Sky Sports Italia. “I am obviously scared by the images and news that I am coming from the world, those yes. The thought of putting myself in the shoes of all the doctors and nurses who are really fighting this war, because of a war is about them, they go there every day.

“We stay at home and are worried, but we can’t be scared because we can’t see what they actually see. So I remain calm because I want my family to remain calm and I also want to give them I that tranquility.” Playing his part, Sainz says he is collecting items which is getting them ready to send them to the people who need it.

On a personal level, Sainz explained he’s been working out, before he detailed his training regiment, which involves working out in free time, as well as eating healthily – something he says he has convinced his family to do, and playing games.

Having completed his own isolation period, Sainz added that he was relieved to know that all the McLaren F1 team members were back home after being stuck in Australia. He appreciated the decision made by the Woking-based team.

“It was not easy for anyone on our team, but I think we all managed it correctly and perfectly,” said Sainz. “After the news that one of our mechanics was positive, no one ever had doubts about what we should have done, everyone was d ‘agreement that the right decision was to withdraw.

“We had a great leadership at that time in Andreas Seidl and Zack Brown. Then the rest was a whirlwind, but of perfect organization. The return of many names, the quarantine. Now I am happy that all the team members, even those who remained in Australia, are doing well and have all returned home.”

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The story was edited by Darshan Chokhani