George Russell dominated race 1 of the GP3 Series in Spa-Francorchamps. The Brit fought against his teammates at ART GP, Jack Aitken and Nirei Fukuzumi.

Russell lost first place against Fukuzumi at the start. Aitken managed to overtake Maini and it was 3 ARTs on top. Calderon had a terrible start and later on she sent her teammate Batista against the barriers, causing a Virtual Safety Car.

After this period, Russell overtook Fukuzumi. Aitken did the same some laps later at Les Combes. The other ART, Hubert, had to retire due to mechanical issues. Alesi made progress from 10th to 7th by overtaking Siebert, Lorandi and Falchero.

Fukuzumi overtook Aitken again at the Bus Stop with 3 laps to go, but the Brit overtook him again at the Kemmel straight. Finally, Fukuzumi stayed on P3 behind Russell y Aitken.


1 Russell 2 Aitken 3 Fukuzumi 4 Maini 5 Boccolacci 6 Tveter 7 Alesi 8 Falchero 9 Kari 10 Jörg 11 Pulcini 12 Lorandi 13 Schothorst 14 Hyman 15 Correa 16 Calderon OUT: Siebert, Vaxivière, Hubert, Baptista