George Russell consolidates himself at the second race of the FIA Formula 2 at the Baku urban circuit (Azerbaijan) starting from the 12th place. Sergio Sette Camara have finished in second place after leading part of the race and Nick De Vries has been third.

Several drivers had problems at the start. One of the most remarkable was Roberto Merhi which due to those problems and even starting from the pole position saw his possibilities of winning disappear. The rest involved were Antonio Fuoco, Maximilian Günther, yesterday’s winner, Alex Albon, Max Aitken and Artem Markelov.Because of this Latifi  was leading the race while Camara quickly overtook Boschung in order to be second.

In the second lap Camara did not waste time and overtook Latifi at the straight, were would happen most of the overtakes of the race. Behind them were Boschung, Norris, Rusell, De Vries, Makino and Merhi, at the last position scoring points. Same lap in which Roy Nissany had to abandon after a lock up and ending up at the run off area.

Sette Camara made a gap of 1.5 seconds thanks to a fastest lap imposing him to the others. Moreover, Russell was very close from Boschung and Norris but the British from McLaren overtook easily from the interior the Swiss driver.

In the lap 5 Merhi passes Makino becomes seventh.

Arriving at half of the race, Russell finally overtakes Boschung in order to be p4. At the same time , Norris passed Latifi  at the end of the straight. Although, the Canadian driver would give her back at the next turn and he would maintain his second place.

Norris, Latifi and Russell arrived in parallel to the last straight. Norris, seems the winner due to his later braking but he had to go to the run off area in order to not crash into the wall. As a result, Latifi ended up the turn second and Russell would be third.

Next lap, Russell passes Latifi becomes second while De Vries does the same with Boschung and gains de p4. Behind them Norris gains positions, overtook Merhi with a inferior race pace than the rest of drivers. Maini, that was very close of them also overtook Merhi.

After half of the race, Russell wanted to be closer Camara, even more knowing that the leader has made a mistake at the straight and the distance between him and the pursuer was very tiny, little more than one second

In the 12 lap, Norris gains positions once again and passes Merhi that had a slow race pace. Maini,  that was very close of them also overtook Merhi.

Four laps to the end Russell tried the interior of the first turn to overtake Sette fighting for the victory, but the Brazilian driver regained the position immediately after.

A lap after the British protected from Mercedes got the leadership. Same lap that he distances him almost a second from the
Canadian driver.

Before the end of the race Latifi  was overtake by Latifi which lead him out of the podium at p4. Russell won with more than 2 second advantage over Camara and De Vries which complete the podium. Norris ended p5, Maini p6, Ferrucci p7and Merhi p8.