After finishing his first season in Formula One with Manor-Marussia while continuing in Formula Renault 3.5, Roberto Merhi wishes to keep going in Formula One.

The Spanish driver offered his services to Manor-Marussia without getting paid but his disappointing performances at the back of the grid led the team to replace him by Alexander Rossi, GP2 runner-up, for five races at the end of the season.

Even after two years spent in DTM for Mercedes, Merhi hopes he can stay in single-seaters:

“The target now is to be a professional racing driver and race in something where you can stay and without worrying if next race I’ll be in the car or not. That’s the target”

With Caterham stepping out of F1 in 2015, Merhi only had his teammate Will Stevens to be compared with. If they equally dominated each other in races they both did finish, Will Stevens wins the qualifying battle by 10-3.

“I’m trying to see what we can do for next year. At the moment we are looking at some options. In Formula 1 there are a few options and outside there are a few options. It’s quite hard out there.”

Merhi said despite his wish to continue in single-seaters categories, he would not go to Formula E as he judges the cars “too slow” and to Super-Formula where he fears he would be difficult for him to get paid. However, he seems interested into Indy-car which he judges similar to FR3.5.