Pirelli chief Mario Isola says they are working on minor changes on F2 front for 2022 and larger degradation on F3 side, while add the format change brings a new challenge.

While on the compound’s structure front, there won’t be any huge changes, Pirelli motorsport chief Isola revealed there will be minor changes on the F2 side regarding its new compound for 2022, whereas F3 will see more degrading tyres.

“We have minor changes planned for F2 and F3 just to address the level of degradation that is required by the promoter because at the moment it looks like the F3 tyres are not degrading enough so we will work following what the promoter is asking, to give a bit more degradation and also for F2 we have a couple of solutions we want to test in terms of new compounds,” said Pirelli chief Isola when asked by FormulaRapida.net.

The thing that Pirelli will have to work from 2022 is the service they provide to the F2 and F3 teams, considering the format change. Since they are back together on the same weekend as F1 is bit of a task – not that they cannot manage it as before.

Because F2 uses the 18-inch compound and F3 using the 13-inches tyres, it makes for re-adjustment for Pirelli, which Isola reckons will be handled. “The new format yes is affecting our organisation because in the past we had Formula 2 and Formula 3 together, it was two races not three races per each of the series but the point is that we had both series’ with 13-inches tyres,” he started.

“And now we have Formula 2 with 18-inches tyres and Formula 3 with 13-inches tyres and this is affecting the equipment that we are bringing on track. For example, in Sochi, where we had both the championships, we had two separate fitting areas because we have to fit and strip the tyres with different machines, so that is obviously affecting our organisation.

“I saw the communication that they will be back to the previous situation, so now we will organise everything in order to give them the best possible services we have done in the past,” summed up Isola, who noted that there is no possibility for now to have F3 using 18-inches tyres, which will be taken up only when discussions on new car is made.

“At the moment there is no plan to change the size of the Formula 3 tyres,” said Isola. “Probably it is a discussion that we will start again when the new car will be introduced but not before that,” summed up Isola.

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