Dennis Hauger was confident to win the FIA F3 title after Round 1 as he expands on his best and worst moments plus rivals and more.

Even though Hauger had just the one win in the first round at Barcelona, but it was a crucial one in the feature event, which set up his 2021 F3 season. The pace shown by the Norwegian made him and instant favourite and he felt confident too.

The subsequent weekends at Paul Ricardo and Red Bull Ring only asserted his dominance, as his immediate rivals couldn’t get the consistent run to match him. Hauger was on song, as he secured seven podiums in 15 races – much better than his rivals.

“We have been leading the whole season, I felt confident straight away after Round 1 and this was the goal, it’s what we were aiming for the whole season,” said Hauger to F3 website. “Obviously, you have a few races or a weekend that doesn’t go as well and you really have to work with the team to regain that momentum.

“I think that is what we have been doing well compared to some of the others. Keeping that consistency all year long. That first weekend in Barcelona, taking pole and victory, was special. Getting a good start gave me confidence straight away, it was a nice feeling and a good way to start the season.

“Also at the Red Bull Ring, coming from P12 to P1 was really cool and great fun. There have been a few moments this season that I can take with me for sure,” summed up Hauger, who reckoned the Barcelona DNF wasn’t ideal among few other lows.

“Race 2 in Barcelona, for example, where we DNF’d,” said Hauger. “That wasn’t the best. There were good points that we could have gained there, but I think that I learned quite a bit and have carried that with me during the rest of the season. That consistency has been the key this season. So although there have been a few mistakes, you learn from them.”

Among his rivals, Hauger put Jack Doohan as his closest, where the Australian finished second in the standings. “Me and Jack have been the closest in the Championship,” he said. “He has been really quick at times but then struggled more other times. I think that is where being consistent has gained us.

“It has been tough, and whenever we haven’t had the best of weekends, he has had a good one. He really had to keep building things up all season. I have had good fights all year long with several drivers, it has been great fun. There is not a particular driver because, with the reverse grids, you are always fighting against a few different people.

“Victor, for example, we had quite a few great fights this year, like in Zandvoort. He has done a really good job as a rookie. There are several people that I could bring up, but at the end of the day, I have just been focusing on what I have been doing,” summed up Hauger, whose natural progression now is F2.

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