Haas F1 Team driver Romain Grosjean featured in a game show named Fort Boyard in France, where he and his team earned money for charity.

The French game show Fort Boyard has been on air since the 1990 and the latest season’s eighth episode went on air in France on Saturday (August 10), which feature Haas F1 driver Grosjean as team leader.

The Frenchman had animator Caroline Ithurbide, champion of Koh-Lanta Clemence Castel, Canadian singer Olivier Dion, actor Laurent Kerusore and facilitator Thomas Isle in his team for the show.

All the proceeds from the show was to go to Grosjean’s ‘Childhood and Cancer’ charity, which he has been supporting for years. In all, the team earned 17,180 euros + 1,000 euros, which is the third in 2019 so far.

The full episode can be found here (in French):

While Grosjean featured in the pre-recorded game show, at the same time, his Haas teammate Kevin Magnussen got married on Saturday to girlfriend, Louise Gjorup in a private event in Denmark.

Having had a difficult 2019 F1 season so far, the two Haas drivers will be looking to have a soothing summer break to come back stronger. It remains to be seen if they are retained by Haas or not as well.