Sergio Perez says the thieves who shot his guard and tried to rob the car have been caught by police near the Mexican’s home in Mexico.

Multiple reports in Mexico floated early on Saturday morning about an attempted robbery in Guadalajara – the home city of Perez. It was revealed by local journalists that thieves tried to rob items from a Jeep Wrangler, which belongs to the Mexican F1 driver’s family.

It is not certain if Antonio Perez – brother of Sergio – was at the scene, but one of his bodyguard was wounded after the thieves and the security personnel exchanged some shots. The Mexican’s family’s guards tried to stop the robbers when the incident happened.

The robbers tried to flee in a Chevrolet, but were later caught by the police, as Perez revealed after the qualifying in Monaco GP. The Mexican confirmed that one of his security man was injured in the firing exchange and is doing well in the hospital.

Perez also noted that the robbers were caught after the two tried to flee. “[What happened was that] basically they tried to rob the car of my security, and they hurt one of my security guys with one shot,” said the Mexican to reporters in Monaco, including F1, Motorsport Network, Racefans.

“But they basically tried to rob the car, and nothing else going on. He is in a good condition. The police got the robbers. My family is good, thank you,” Perez summed up, after a disappointing qualifying session, where he only managed ninth place finish.

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