Lando Norris has presented Max Verstappen a fixed-up F1 Hungarian GP trophy which was broken during podium celebrations.

After some banter between Red Bull’s Verstappen and McLaren’s Norris about the broken F1 Hungarian GP trophy, in all seriousness the Brit has presented a fixed-up trophy to the Dutchman between the races in Netherlands and Italy.

In his usual way of podium celebrations, Norris accidentally dropped Verstappen’s trophy. He bumped the champagne bottle on the top step of the podium in his way to open the cork and in doing so, the trophy fell off from the podium and broke.

Both Norris and Verstappen were highly amused by the situation considering the efforts and money invested in making those trophies. The banter continued on for the races ahead including last weekend after qualifying in Dutch GP where the Dutchman was asked of it.

“I mean, I have to give the trophy anyway to the team, so do what you want,” he said when asked how can he save his trophy this time if Norris is on the podium. “Well, I think this one looks quite solid. I mean, it’s different material. I guess we’ll find out there.”

But Norris didn’t make it on the podium and two days later, Verstappen has posted about the Brit handing him a fixed-up trophy, seemingly with the Hungarian GP promoters. The two shared a smile during the presentation to close the matter.

Here’s the link:

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