Nissany Roy scored his first victory in Formula 3.5 V8 race for No. 1 on the Silverstone circuit. Binder Vaxivière and complete the podium of a controversial career.


The race had two riders on the front row who were the protagonists at Paul Ricard and are totally focused on trace points after a difficult start to the year. This is both to support SMP Racing, Matthieu Vaxivière (SMP Racing) and Egor Orudzhev (Arden Motorsport).

French and Russian have seen one of his rivals, Louis Delétraz (Fortec Motorsports) suffered a problem during the warm up lap and stalled the car on the grid, which forced him to start from the pit lane and make a formation lap extra.

In the output lost the first Vaxivière respect Orudzhev taking the lead followed by Nissany (Lotus) and French. Tom Dillmann (AVF) pursuers behind and Aurélien Panis (Arden Motorsport). A Panis a lap later he couldn’t keep pace with Dillmann and was overtaken by Binder (Lotus) in a spectacular maneuver on the outside of Stowe.

Meanwhile, Louis Delétraz dated back from the last position and managed to quickly climb to tenth position. Although Beitske Visser (Teo Martin Motorsport) would keep fighting.

In the front, Vaxivière was pressured by Dillmann for third place. But the arrival of Rene Binder made him drive defensively, wasting time and losing the position with the Lotus driver would happen to capture Vaxivière, while his team mate Nissany kept the pressure on Orudzhev for the race lead.

The race changed suddenly in the absence of 10 minutes to go when Nissany was trying to overtake Orudzhev into Turn 7 (Stowe). The Russian behove Nissany and both drivers suffer a spin, the incident would be investigated after the race. Hopefully, both pilots had 12 seconds ahead and getting back on track but Orudzhev lost the rhythm, while Nissany maintained the first position.

With the permanent retirement of Orudzhev for damages in the suspension of his car, Nissany leading the race with authority, ahead of Vaxivière, Binder, Dillmann, Panis, Fittipaldi (Fortec Motorsports), Kanamaru, Bautista (RP Motorsport), Visser and Delétraz.

But Roy Nissany getting his first win in the category and in cars, showing that Lotus has nailed the set.

Results: 1st Nissany, 2nd Vaxivière, 3rd Binder, 4th Dillmann, 5th Panis, 6th Fittipaldi, 7th Kanamaru, Bautista 8th, 9th Visser, 10th Delétraz